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Granite Dust



    Color: Gray White

    Bulk Density: 1380 - 1500 kg/m3 TCVN 7572-6: 2006

    - Density: 2.61 - 2.62 g/cm3 TCVN 7572-4:2006

    - Water Absorption:  0.4 % TCVN 7572-4:2006

    - Crushing Value un cylinder in saturated water condition: 

       11.3% TCVN 7572-11:2006

    - Clay, Slit and dust content: 0.3 % 1.3% TCVN 7572-8:2006

    Particles size distribution:

    25mm - 100% ; 4.75mm - 0.4% ASTM C 136-06

    - Elongation and flakiness content: 5.5 %  TCVN 7572-13:2006

    - Soundness of aggregates by use of sodium sulfate(5 cycles):

    Quantitative examination: 12,5-25 mm - 94,9%

    Qualititative examination: Flaking 0%; Craking 0%;

    Spliting 0%; Crumbling 0% - Based on ASTM C 88-05 Test Method

    - Potential alkali reactivity (chemical method):  TCVN 7572-13:2006

    Reduction in alkalinity: 54.1 mmol/L - Dissolved silica: 25.6 mmol/L

    - SO3 content: Less than 0.01 %  TCVN 7572-16:2006

    - CaO content:  0.6 % ASTM C 25-06

    - MgO content: 0.9% ASTM C 25-06

    - SiO2 content: 72.2% ASTM C 25-06



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About our company

Thanh Cong Stone Group was developed based on Thanh Cong Corporation that has headquarters in Quy Hop Industrial Zone  Nghe An Province VietNam.  Our Company was one of the first enterprises that built a foundation for Stone Industry in Quy Hop Town. We have more than 20 years of development and promotion so that why now we are well-known to domestic partners and oversea partners those come from over the world. Our main activities include: Mining, Producing, Import and Export Stone Products, Processing and installing the products related to Stone! 

Our staffs have very specific skills and abilities in doing selection and producing stone, which will satisfy every highly strict requirements from customer.  Our products are being exported to India, Canada,Australia, China, Taiwan, US, UK, Korea, Belgium, Netherlands Malaysia, Singapore…., Now, Our Company still continuously up-to-date modern equipment and focus on training staffs in order to bring the highest-quality products to customer.  


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