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Benefits of Natural Stone


Benefits of Natural Stone


Why choose Natural Stone Landscaping Products over concrete equivalent products:

Natural Stone landscaping products are more attractive than concrete equivalents:

1. Each piece of natural stone has a unique blend of colours and tones which makes your garden / driveway / landscape, completely bespoke unlike manufactured concrete where all pieces are identical and comparatively characterless.

2. The colour in natural stone is not pigmented unlike concrete, making it more attractive.

3. Natural stone will retain its look over time, as opposed to concrete which is manufactured from composite aggregate mixes that become exposed after a few years of trafficking.

Natural Stone landscaping products are more durable than concrete equivalents:

4. Natural stone is a durable frost resistant paving

5. All of our natural stone block paving is 50mm thick for improved compaction and stability of the driveway, unlike those offered by competitors at 40mm.

Natural Stone landscaping products are easier to maintain than concrete equivalents:

6. Natural stone block paving has smaller joints, which means that it is less prone to seed germination in the sand joints. 

7. Natural stone is easy to clean. 

Natural Stone landscaping products can be installed as easily as concrete equivalents:

8. The installation of natural stone does not require new skills; it can be laid similar to concrete.

Natural Stone landscaping products are a better investment than concrete equivalents: 

9. Using natural stone materials will add greater value to your property.

10. Natural stone does not necessarily have to cost more than using equivalent concrete products. Please refer to the two tables below for further information.



Natural Stone landscaping products are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than concrete equivalents: 

11. Natural Stone is the most sustainable building material, as resources of stone on earth are vast, plentiful and date back billions of years. Although the re-generation of stone is not as readily visible as the re-generation of trees, it is a continuous process with natural stone having an enduring life-cycle.

12. Natural stone is exactly that, natural, meaning that our stone products have not been ‘manufactured’ in the way that concrete equivalent products are.

13. As a natural product, our stone products are recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving and/or crushed and used for aggregates.


About our company

Thanh Cong Stone Group was developed based on Thanh Cong Corporation that has headquarters in Quy Hop Industrial Zone  Nghe An Province VietNam.  Our Company was one of the first enterprises that built a foundation for Stone Industry in Quy Hop Town. We have more than 20 years of development and promotion so that why now we are well-known to domestic partners and oversea partners those come from over the world. Our main activities include: Mining, Producing, Import and Export Stone Products, Processing and installing the products related to Stone! 

Our staffs have very specific skills and abilities in doing selection and producing stone, which will satisfy every highly strict requirements from customer.  Our products are being exported to India, Canada,Australia, China, Taiwan, US, UK, Korea, Belgium, Netherlands Malaysia, Singapore…., Now, Our Company still continuously up-to-date modern equipment and focus on training staffs in order to bring the highest-quality products to customer.  


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